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Table 6 Reasons for not using HDS at baseline (n = 194) a

From: Reasons why Thai patients with chronic kidney disease use or do not use herbal and dietary supplements

Reasons Frequency (%)
Patients trusted their doctor or trusted/needed to use conventional medicines or perceived benefits of conventional medicines are superior to HDS 62 (32)
Health care providersb advised that the patient should not use HDS 36 (19)
Experiences or concerns about harm from HDSc 30 (16)
Doubt about benefits of HDS or experience with no benefits from using HDS 14 (7)
Don’t want to use HDS 13 (7)
Taking a high number of conventional medicines 10 (5)
Had renal insufficiency, so patients concerned about harm from HDS 9 (5)
HDS are expensive or HDS are not available in their area 6 (3)
Patient’s relatives recommended that they should not use HDS 5 (3)
Don’t know enough information about HDSd 4 (2)
They perceived that they are well 3 (2)
A book about kidney diseases indicated that CKD patients should not use HDS 1 (1)
A patient need not use HDS if (s) he adheres to medication and dietary recommendations for CKD patients 1 (1)
  1. aParticipants were able to report more than one reason, so these total more than 191; Missing data was 15 participants (7.8%).
  2. bDoctors or Pharmacists.
  3. cAdverse effects of HDS, contaminated HDS, or HDS-conventional medicine interactions.
  4. dInformation about indications, doses, benefits, or risks of HDS.