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Table 4 Aspects of subjective perspectives of residents and caregivers (qualitative component)

From: Complementary medicine in nursing homes - results of a mixed methods pilot study

Residents Caregivers
• Experience of care and naturopathic applications • Experience of care and naturopathic applications
• Therapeutic relationship • Relationship with residents
• Health complaints • Professional self-concept
• Illness experience • Illness perceptions and concepts
• Illness perceptions and concepts • Working conditions, job satisfaction
• Self-efficacy, control of reinforcement, sense of coherence • Stress
• Perspectives on the future • Identification with the employing organization
  • Motivation
  • Quality of care, caring competencies
  • Co-operation within the caring team
  • Self-experiences with naturopathy
  1. Note: These items were pre-defined and informed a set of practice-oriented open questions collected in a field manual. Questions were situationally adapted to meet the interviewee (be it nursing home directors, heads of nursing, nurses, nurses’ aides or residents).