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Table 2 Pattern of awareness and use of CAM modalities among of pharmacy students in Sierra Leone

From: Awareness, use, attitude and perceived need for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) education among undergraduate pharmacy students in Sierra Leone: a descriptive cross-sectional survey

CAM modalities Awareness of CAM n (%) Self use of CAM n (%)
Acupuncture 52(57.8) 2(2.2)
Herbal/Botanical/Supplements2 85 (94.4) 63(70)
Massage Therapy2 72(80) 46(51.1)
Ayurveda 10(11.1) 0(0)
Spirituality/Prayer1 2 81(90) 53(58.9)
Homeopathy 19(21.1) 1(1.1)
Meditation/Yoga/Relaxation2 50(55.6) 22(24.4)
  1. 1Significant difference (p = 0.000 using chi square test) between Christians and Muslims with respect to the use of spirituality\prayer.
  2. 2Student gender, year of study, and age group do not significantly (using fisher exact test p > 0.05) influence use of the four common CAM modalities among students.