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Table 1 Properties of the four Nigerian plants used in this study

From: Pro-apoptotic and anti-adhesive effects of four African plant extracts on the breast cancer cell line MCF-7

Plant Abbr. Family Parts used Medical uses Location IC50 MCF-7(μg/ml)
*Jatropha curcas Linn JCP1 Euphorbiaceae RB cough, wound healing, HIV, cancer Benin City 36.55
*Pyrenacantha staudtii Hutch & Dalz PS Icacinacaeae L threatened abortion, malaria, GIT and cancer Benin City 37.36
*Picralima nitida Th. & H. Durand ZI Apocynaceae RB malaria, hyperglyaceamia, antiseptic etc. NIFOR 22.76
*Jatropha gossypifolia Linn JCP2 Euphorbiaceae RB cancer, pesticides Owan 25.55
  1. Overview of the four plant extracts including its medical uses, IC50 values at 48 h for MCF-7 cells. RB; Root bark; L; leaf; * Most of the information of traditional use has been taken from native people.