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Table 1 FTIR peak values of extracts of C. borivilianum root extract

From: Chlorophytum borivilianum (Safed Musli) root extract prevents impairment in characteristics and elevation of oxidative stress in sperm of streptozotocin-induced adult male diabetic Wistar rats

S. No Area Functional group Name of the group
1 3385.62 cm-1 (broad trough ) OH (Alcohol) /Phenol Alcohol/Phenol (High concentration)
2 2929.67 cm-1 (medium-strong ) CH2 = CH- Methylene
3 1722.13 cm-1 (weak band) (May be 80%) Saturated aliphatic/cyclic 6-membered
4 1414,1513,1632,1640 cm-1 C = C (Aromatic ring) Aromatic C = C bond
5 1262 cm-1 Aromatic ether linkage (-O-Aromatic ring) Aromatic ether linkage (phenol derivative)
6 1151 cm-1 (weak band) Alcohol (secondary alcohol) Alcohol
7 1028 cm-1 (strong band) Aromatic ether stretching frequency Aromatic ether linkage
8 706-773 cm-1 Mono substituted benzene Mono substituted aromatic ring