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Table 5 Characteristics selected by wrapper-based variable subset selection in each group

From: Predicting visceral obesity based on facial characteristics

Group N Selected characteristics
Men-18-50 8 FDV_52_50, FDV_52_81, FDV_138_50, FD_94_194, FArea03, FR05_psu, FR06_psu, FR08_psu
Men-51-80 6 FDV_52_50, FDV_81_50, FD_94_194, FR05_psu, FR06_psu, FR08_psu
Women-18-50 6 FDV_52_50, FD_43_143, FD_53_153, FD_94_194, FDH_33_133, FR08_psu
Women-51-80 8 FDH_36_136, FDV_52_50, FDV_52_81, FDV_38_50, FD_53_153, FD_94_194, FDH_33_133, FArea03
  1. N: total number of features.