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Table 1 Yield of extracts of roots/rhizomes of C. articulatus using solvents of increasing polarity

From: Anti-Onchocerca activity and phytochemical analysis of an essential oil from Cyperus articulatus L

Name of plant Plant part used Mass of dry powder or residue (approx.)/g Solvent Mass of extract/g % Recovery of extract Extract code
Cyperus articulatus Root/rhizome 700 Hexane 26.2 3.74 *CARhex
673.8 Methylene chloride 5.8 0.86 CARmc
668 Methanol 72.2 10.8 CARmet
  1. *The extract code CAR represents roots/rhizomes of Cyperus articulatus while the lower case letters of the code, hex, mc and met represent the solvents, hexane, methylene chloride and methanol, respectively. CARhex is the essential oil.