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Table 1 Questionnaire content

From: Positive patient experiences in an Australian integrative oncology centre

Question Measurement method Previously identified theme
Q1. How do you feel immediately after a therapy session compared to when you first arrive? 9-point Likert scale -
Q2. In what ways do you feel better or worse? Short answer response -
Q3. How important have complementary therapies been in gaining a sense of control over your own body/health? Short answer response Empowerment/sense of control
Q4. Would you recommend complementary therapies to other patients? Yes or No -
Q5. If asked by another patient or medical professional what would you say was the best thing you have gained from the complementary therapies? Short answer response -
Q6. What has been the biggest challenge? Short answer response -
Q7. What impact, if any, do you think complementary therapy has had on your quality of life during or post treatment? Short answer response Wellbeing/quality of life
Q8. What other factors, positive or negative do you believe have contributed to your quality of life? Short answer response Wellbeing/quality of life
Q9. Will complementary therapies play a significant role in your future lifestyle? Yes or No -
Q10. Before you started did you have any concerns/opinions/beliefs regarding complementary therapies? Short answer response -
Q11. Do you get support from other individuals who participate in the SolarisCare services or from within the centre? (i.e. emotional, motivational, informational, social) Short answer response Support