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Table 4 Epithelialization time of rats post infliction of excision wound

From: Wound healing and antibacterial properties of methanolic extract of Pupalia lappacea Juss in rats

Group (Treatment) Mean ± standard error of mean epithelialization time (days)
I (20% PLLEO) 18.6 ± 0.5a
II (10% PLLEO) 22.0 ± 0.1b
III (Gentamicin ointment) 19.6 ± 0.3a
IV (Normal saline) 25.2 ± 0.2b
  1. Key: PLLEO = Pupalia lappacea leaf extract ointment.
  2. Different superscripts a,b across a column indicate significant difference in means at p < 0.05.