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Figure 1 | BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Figure 1

From: Anti-hyperglycaemic globulins from selected Cucurbitaceae seeds used as antidiabetic medicinal plants in Africa

Figure 1

Selected photographs of the seeds used in the study. A: Photographs of Telfairia occidentalis: A1. Mature fruit, A2. Whole seed, A3. Kernel. B: Photographs of Citrullus sp: B1. Mature fruit, B2. Whole seed, B3. Kernel. C: Photographs of Lagenaria siceraria: C1. Mature fruit, C2. Whole seed, C3. Kernel. D: Photographs of Cucumeropsis mannii: D1. Mature fruit, D2. Whole seed, D3. Kernel. E: Photographs of Cucurbita moschata: E1. Mature fruit, E2. Whole seed, E3. Kernel.

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