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Figure 4

From: Kolaviron, a Garcinia biflavonoid complex ameliorates hyperglycemia-mediated hepatic injury in rats via suppression of inflammatory responses

Figure 4

Chemical structure of Garcinia biflavonoid complex. (Kolaviron) containing Garcinia biflavonoid GB-1(3″,4′,4‴,5,5″,7,7″-heptahydroxy-3,8″ biflavanone), GB-2 (3″,4′,4‴,5,5″,5‴,7,7″-octa-hydroxy-3,8″- biflavanone), and kolaflavanone (3″,4′,4‴,5,5″,5‴,7,7″ octahydroxy-4‴-methoxy-3,8″-biflavanone) is confirmed (Figure 4a) while binaringenin (Figure 4b) is presumed to be an additional compound in kolaviron based on ESI-MS/MS result.

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