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Figure 6

From: Cytotoxic effect of Alpinia scabra (Blume) Náves extracts on human breast and ovarian cancer cells

Figure 6

Morphological observation of MCF7 and SKOV-3 cells treated with the cytotoxic fractions LC4, VLC9 and RC5 under phase-contrast inverted microscope (magnification 200×). Arrows indicate (A) cell shrinkage; (B) membrane blebbing and (C) apoptotic bodies as evidence of apoptosis. Note that the cells were treated with the following concentrations: a = 18.53 μg/ml, b = 11.12 μg/ml, c = 15.53 μg/ml, d = 10.89 μg/ml and e = 2.84 μg/ml. Figures shown were obtained from at least three independent experiments with similar parameter.

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