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Table 2 Illustrative comments on aspects of health care delivery unique to community acupuncture

From: Patient perspectives on care received at community acupuncture clinics: a qualitative thematic analysis

Codes Quotes
Appreciating access “I think it's great to have this option for people that do not have the funds to pay large fees for this type of medical care, especially for families who need this!!!”
“I love how easy and accessible it is for me AND my family to come - because of low cost, evening appointments. Awesome staff. I come very regularly!”
Appreciating environment “I like the relaxing atmosphere - big chairs and music make it possible to do that.”
Comparing to conventional medicine “I've been seeing doctors for pain for 20 years and not one of them ever indicated a time in the future when I would be 'well’. On my first visit to WCA, my acupuncturist told me how we would progress and that as I got better I would come for fewer treatments. The possibility of getting better was totally mind-blowing.”
Comparing to other acupuncture “… I've been to many acupuncturists, mostly individual practices… At WCA, I trust that the acupuncturists will talk less, give me more space, meet me where I'm at, and charge less!”
Decreasing medications “An answer to prayer for severe chronic pain unaided by other means. [I have been] able to reduce the amount of narcotic prescriptions used for pain since I began acupuncture.”