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Table 1 Primers sequence of genes for quantitative PCR

From: Edible Bird’s nest extract as a chondro-protective agent for human chondrocytes isolated from osteoarthritic knee: in vitro study

Gene Name GenBank Accession Number Primer Sequence 5′-3′ PCR product size (bp)
GAPDH NM_002046 F: 5′-tcc ctg agc tga acg gga ag-3′ 217
R: 5′-gga gga gtg ggt gtc gct gt-3′
COL I NM_000088 F: 5′-agg gct cca acg aga tcg aga-3′ 222
R: 5′-tac agg aag cag aca ggg cca-3′
COL II NM_001844 F: 5′-cta tct gga cga agc agc tgg ca-3′ 209
R: 5′-atg ggt gca atg tca atg atgg-3′
ACP NM_001135 F: 5′-gcg gag gaa gtc ggt gaa ga-3′ 183
R: 5′-ccc tct cgc ttc agg tca gc-3′
SOX-9 NM_000346 F: 5′-cac tgt tac cgc cac ttc cc-3′ 236
R: 5′-acc agc gga agt ccc ctt cg-3′
IL-1 NM_000576 F: 5′-gga caa gct gag gaa gat gc-3′ 120
R: 5′-tcg tta tcc cat gtg tcg aa-3′
IL-6 NM_000600 F: 5′-tac ccc cag gag aag att cc-3′ 175
R: 5′-ttt tct gaa agt gcc tct tt-3′
IL-8 NM_000584 F: 5′-gtg cag ttt tgc caa gga gt-3′ 196
R: 5′-ctc tgc acc cag ttt tcc tt-3′
MMP1 NM_002421 F: 5′-agg gtt gaa aag cat gag ca-3′ 111
R: 5′-ctg gtt gaa aag cat gag ca-3′
MMP3 NM_002422 F: 5′-tgc ttt gtc ctt tga tgc tg-3′ 135
R: 5′-gga aga gat ggc caa aat ga-3′
MMP13 NM_002427 F: 5′-ggt ctt gac cac tcc aag gac-3′ 221
R: 5′-ctc ctc gga gac tgg taa tgg-3′
iNOS NM_000625 F: 5′-aca agc cta ccc ctc cag at-3′ 158
R: 5′-tcc cgt cag ttg gta ggt tc-3′
COX-2 NM_000963 F: 5′-tga gca tct acg gtt tgc tg-3′ 158
   R: 5′-tgc ttg tct gga aca act gc-3′