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Figure 1

From: Bee venom effects on ubiquitin proteasome system in hSOD1G85R-expressing NSC34 motor neuron cells

Figure 1

BV treatment restores proteasome activity. NSC34 cells (2 × 106) were transfected with GFP, GFP-hSOD1 or GFP-hSOD1G85R constructs for 48 hrs and then treated with 2.5 μg/ml BV or equal volume of saline for 24 hrs prior to being lysed. The proteasome activity of the lysates was assayed using the 20S Proteasome Activity Assay kit. Proteasome activity was significantly decreased in NSC34 cells that transiently overexpressed the mutant G85R SOD1 compared with the control. BV treatment increased proteasome activity. The values shown are the means ± SEM of data obtained from three independent experiments. * p < 0.05. BV; bee venom.

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