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P04.83. What factors influence the use of integrative medicine (IM) modalities by infectious disease (ID) physicians?


The purpose was to assess factors that may influence the use of IM modalities by ID physicians in their practice.


In a 2010 national survey of 1000 practicing ID physicians, participants were asked to report the extent (major, minor or not at all) to which the following considerations played a role in their recommendation/referral of IM modalities: (1) Knowledge of how and when to use them; (2) Amount of clinical research showing clear benefit; (3) Insurance; (4) Cost; (5) Reliable referral base; (6) Concern for professional reputation; (7) Fear of judgment from colleagues; (8) Insufficient regulatory oversight of supplements; and (9) Potential drug interactions with botanicals/supplements.


A total of 311 (31%) ID physicians responded to the survey. The mean age was 49 and 64% of respondents were male. Their responses to the questions are listed below.

Table 1


For ID physicians, factors that were considered a major influence on the use of IM modalities included: potential drug interactions, clinical research, knowledge of IM modalities, and regulatory oversight. Factors that played a minor/no role in the use of IM modalities included fear of judgment and concern for professional reputation.

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