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Table 2 Relative cytotoxicity of ascorbic acid and hydrogen peroxide (H 2 O 2 ) on cancer cells

From: Natural resistance to ascorbic acid induced oxidative stress is mainly mediated by catalase activity in human cancer cells and catalase-silencing sensitizes to oxidative stress

Cell line EC50ascorbic acid (mmol/L) EC50H2O2(μmol/L)
BT-20 94.9 241,2
SKOV-3 79.4 172,0
23132/87 89.0 165,5
U-87 2.8 96.6
U-251 2.6 77.1
  1. Five cancer cell lines, characterized by their different susceptibility to the ascorbic acid-mediated cytotoxic effect based on the generation of hydrogen peroxide, were analysed for their susceptibility to hydrogen peroxide-mediated cytotoxicity.