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Figure 3 | BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Figure 3

From: Natural resistance to ascorbic acid induced oxidative stress is mainly mediated by catalase activity in human cancer cells and catalase-silencing sensitizes to oxidative stress

Figure 3

The hydrogen peroxide scavenger catalase prevents the cytotoxic effect of ascorbic acid-mediated hydrogen peroxide production. The addition of exogenous catalase to cells of the U-251 cell line incubated with toxic concentrations of ascorbic acid (10 mmol/L) prevented the lethal effect elicited by ascorbic acid. U-251 cells incubated with catalase alone were not affected in their viability. The results shown are representative for 3 independent analyses and values are expressed as mean ± standard deviation of hexaplicates. The difference between 0 and 250 units/mL catalase is significant (p = 0.004). N.s.: not significant.

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