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Table 2 The EC 50 values for the free radical scavenging activity of three different crude extracts from bee pollen and corn pollen, plus the reference standard (ascorbic acid) for comparison

From: Chemical constituents and free radical scavenging activity of corn pollen collected from Apis mellifera hives compared to floral corn pollen at Nan, Thailand

Sample EC50(μg/ml)ƒ r 2 ƒ
Bee corn pollen extracts   
  CMEb 428.6 ± 29.0b ND
  CDEb 7.47 ± 0.12a* 1
  CHEb >1,000c ND
Floral corn pollen extracts   
  CMEp 365.2 ± 38.8bb 1
  CDEp 212.3 ± 13.6aa** 1
  CHEp >1000cc ND
  Ascorbic acid 8.57 ± 0.24* 1
  1. ƒ EC50 values were calculated by linear regression (r 2 = the correlation coefficient). ND represents no available data. Means within a group of three crude extracts of each sample with a different superscript letter (bee pollen extracts) or pair of letters (floral pollen extracts) are significantly different (p ≤ 0.05; One way ANOVA), whilst a significant difference between groups is indicated by * or **.