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Figure 4 | BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Figure 4

From: Terpenic fraction of Pterodon pubescens inhibits nuclear factor kappa B and extracellular signal-regulated protein Kinase 1/2 activation and deregulates gene expression in leukemia cells

Figure 4

Effects of SF5 on the activation of NF-κB and ERK 1/2. (A) NF-κB protein nuclear translocation. (B) Phosphorylated ERK expression. Nuclear extracts (NF-κB) and whole cell lysates (pERK) were prepared as described in “Material and Methods”, from K562 cells (2.5 × 105/mL) treated with SF5 (50 μg/mL) for the indicated times. Proteins (50 μg) were resolved by SDS-PAGE, transferred to nitrocellulose membranes, probed with anti-p65 or anti-p-ERK and developed by chemiluminescence. Histone was used as a loading control for nuclear extracts and total ERK 1/2 for whole cell lysates.

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