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Archived Comments for: Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of Tualang honey in alkali injury on the eyes of rabbits: Experimental animal study

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  1. Test protocol

    Carol Granger, The Granger Partnership

    3 November 2011

    I was dissappointed to read the technique used in this study, and even more so when I read the authors' call for more rabbits to use to repeat in a larger study.
    There are a range of other assays that can be used to assess anti-inflammatory activity of substances. These include ex vivo corneas and other tissue culture methods. As scientists, we should all be trying to work towards the three R's: Refine, Reduce, Replace. We shouldn't be doing experiments just because we can, but rather should be doing good meaningful science without unnecessary suffering.

    Competing interests

    I declare I have no competing interests. I am a clinical nutrition practitioner and post-graduate researcher with qualifications in biochemistry and in microbiology. I have previously worked in a human tissue bank where ethically consented, non-transplantable human tissues were made available for research purposes.