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Table 11 Sample quotations related to 'spirituality' as captured by other word pairs.

From: Developing a patient-centered outcome measure for complementary and alternative medicine therapies II: Refining content validity through cognitive interviews

Hopeless Cog06 No trust, no belief in a higher power, or even, not just in God, but in people; just kind of dwelling on all the negatives, all the bad things. Hopeless would be another word for it.
Hopeful Cog01 Now I feel more hopeful because I've been able to add a deeper spiritual dimension.
Closed-hearted Cog09 Somebody who doesn't allow themselves to experience goodness, happiness, peace, on a spiritual level; just very closed off to that kind of thing. ... I didn't allow myself to experience those things on a spiritual level.
Open-hearted Cog01 Open-hearted. Again, it gets back up into having faith, or being connected, and there, I never lost my open-heartedness, even in the worst time.
Isolated/Connected Cog05 The more that I am fully present in each moment, I am more connected with Spirit. The more that you are present in each moment, you find everything you need to find, the joy, and everything that you need and you're connected with Spirit. The more you are connected with Spirit, there is no isolation.