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Figure 1

From: Antibacterial activity of traditional medicinal plants used by Haudenosaunee peoples of New York State

Figure 1

Antibacterial activity of I. pandurata. Results of 96-well plate assay for I. pandurata leaf extracts on all four bacteria. The average proportion (± 1 standard error; n = 3) of bacteria killed by each extract dilution is shown with a fitted linear regression line (see Table 2). To facilitate analyses, the extract concentration has been transformed by taking the negative base-10 logarithm (strongest to weakest dilution left to right). Diamonds and the dashed line denote E. coli (EC), squares and the dotted line denote S. typhimurium (ST), triangles and the solid black line denote S. aureus (SA), and circles and the solid grey line denote S. lactis (SL).

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