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Figure 2

From: Abalone visceral extract inhibit tumor growth and metastasis by modulating Cox-2 levels and CD8+ T cell activity

Figure 2

Effects of abalone visceral extract on tumor metastasis. (A) The gross analysis of spleen from normal healthy, fed with abalone visceral extract or PBS control treated group. (B) Spleen weight was measured and shown in graph. Values are means with SE, n = 5. Data are representative of five independent experiments. One (*), two (**) or three asterisks (***) indicate p < 0.05, p < 0.01 or p < 0.001, respectively. (C) Gross appearance of lung from each treatment was shown and compared with normal healthy lung. Arrows from control lung picture indicate metastatic foci (middle panel). (D) H&E-stained section of lung from each group was shown. Normal lung tissue is indicated by 'NL'. Tumor metastases are indicated by 'T'. Original magnifications; ×200

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