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Archived Comments for: Fibromyalgia syndrome improved using a mostly raw vegetarian diet: An observational study

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  1. Interesting start for a long term study, however..

    Mary Miller, Disabled Advocate

    15 March 2011

    I just wanted to make comment that one feature that seemed to be missing in your publication was discussing the form of onset of Fibromyalgia, as well as years of condition being present at time of study.

    Since all persons with Fibromyalgia do not react identically to treatments usually based on type of onset of the condition: accident induced fibromyalgia reacts well to exercise, versus viral inducted fibromyalgia rarely does. The same can also be said of PTSD based Fibromyalgia has its own issues on what treatment works versus the other two known forms, hence Fibromyalgia being referred to as a syndrome rather than from one specific etimology, with same treatment responses.

    Since we don't know how your subjects "got Fibromyalgia" nor how long they have suffered from this condition (playing a factor with long term chronic pain on the CNS) your conclusions are interesting, but I am not certain how it can be used 'wholesale' with all Fibromyalgia patients.

    If you could respond back, I would be interested in any long term follow ups with this case and any further studies that might be done in this area.
    Thank You,
    Mary Miller

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