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Table 1 Physical appearance and percentage yield of DCM and ethanol extracts from S. surratensis, H. abyssinica and N. mitis

From: Isolation of bioactive compounds from medicinal plants used in traditional medicine: Rautandiol B, a potential lead compound against Plasmodium falciparum

Extract Colour/appearance Dry plant material (g) Amount of extract (g) Percentage yield (%)
CDCM Green solid 405 11.0 2.7
CEOH Green sticky solid 380 44.0 11.6
KDCM Brick red solid 1000 10.0 1.0
KEOH Crystal like dark brown solid 970 100.0 10.3
ABDCM Dark brown solid 1000 15.0 1.5
ABOH Dark brown solid 975 10.0 1.0