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Table 4 The use of goat and sheep skin

From: Traditional medicinal knowledge and practices among the tribal communities of Thakht-e-Sulaiman Hills, Pakistan

Animal Disease category Description URs (Informants)
Sheep Musculoskeletal It is used for all types of Musculoskeletal problems due to falling from high place, get strong hits during fights etc. 45 (45)
Sheep Musculoskeletal Women wear it after childbirth as it finishes the pain and heal the internal injuries and wounds. 40 (40)
Sheep Hepatic When the yellowness of the skin gets high then the skin of sheep is used, or it is used to remove the remaining symptoms of hepatitis when the patient gets recently recovered. 21 (21)
Goat Fever At the start of malaria, but not after getting 2–3 days old as then it may convert it to typhoid and get complicated. 18 (18)
Sheep Multisystem Typhoid but not at the start of it, either towards its end or after it get finished then to finish its affects in the body. 11 (11)
Goat (in summer), Sheep (in winter) Musculoskeletal Against general pain in the body or bones which is not getting better since long time. 10 (10)
Goat Fever Used against fever at its beginning stage. 9 (9)
Goat (in summer), Sheep (in winter) Fever Against fever when it gets complicated or when it does not finish with normal medication, or when body temperature gets very high or reach to head, or to finish hidden fever. 8 (8)
Goat Multisystem In summer, it is used against sunstroke. 7 (7)
Goat Multisystem Used for body cooling when feel extensive hotness inside the body. 6 (6)
Goat (in summer), Sheep (in winter) Multisystem General body ailments, i.e., to get the weak person’s body stronger, increase resistance against diseases, finish the symptoms of disease. 4 (4)
Goat (in summer), Sheep (in winter) Ritual Black colored skin is to be worn in case of some unusual diseases, e.g. caused by spirits (Jinn). 3 (3)
Goat (in summer), Sheep (in winter) Dermatological When bitten by a large number of honeybees (usually honeybees’ bites in summer). 3 (3)
Goat Gastrointestinal Against acute diarrhea. 2 (2)
Goat (in summer), Sheep (in winter) Dermatological Against acute skin allergy. 2 (2)
Goat (in summer), Sheep (in winter) Urinogenital When menstruation gets abnormal. 2 (2)