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Table 3 Fungal pathogen growth sensitivity to tomato powdersa

From: Antimicrobial properties of tomato leaves, stems, and fruit and their relationship to chemical composition

  Zones of inhibition (mm)
Controls and test powders A. fumigatus AF293 C. albicans ATCC 10231
DMSO:water (vehicle) 0 0
Octyl gallate (control) 0.117% w/v 10.5 17.8
Tomato leaves 0 13*
Tomato stem 0 13*
Green tomato peel 0 0
Red tomato peel 0 0
Yellow tomato peel 0 0
Green tomato fruit 0 11.5*
  1. aThe antifungal activity of tomato powders (10% w/v) was tested on Aspergillus fumigatus AF293 and C. albicans ATCC 10231. Zones of inhibition in mm were measured from the negative control vehicle (DMSO:water); positive control (0.117% w/v octyl gallate); and tomato powders. * indicates sensitivity to powders