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Table 1 Characteristics of research participants

From: Local experience of using traditional medicine in northern Rwanda: a qualitative study

  Number (Total 21)
 Female 13
 Male 8
 21–40 5
 40–60 7
 Over 60 9
 Farmer* 12
 Traditional Healers* 6
 Small business owners 2
 Non-governmental organisation officers 1
 Others (cleaner, teacher, government officer) 3
Education level
 Bachelor degree 4
 Secondary School 7
 Primary School 5
 Never attend school 5
Socio-economic status**
 Middle income 14
 Low income 7
  1. *There is an overlap of occupations with farmer and traditional healers. Three farmers expressed they practiced traditional medicine practice, but their main income is still from their farming work
  2. ** Socio-economic status is self-reported by the participants based on the governmental standards