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Table 2 Overview of main themes and subthemes

From: “I need personal experiences or some sort of documentation”: a qualitative study on where people with multiple sclerosis seek information on dietary and herbal supplements

Main themes Subthemes
Engaging with HCPs regarding DIHES • HCP being uninvested when the dialogue about DIHES is initiated by the patient
• PwMS are taking a passive patient role when the dialogue about DIHES is initiated by the HCP
• Information from HCPs is objective and standardized
Social networks as a source of information regarding DIHES • Reliance on the experiences of others
• Information from social networks is concrete and relatable
• Unsolicited recommendations from network are difficult to navigate
Reliance on bodily sensations • Every person is unique
• Recommendations are evaluated through bodily sensations
• Difficult to navigate body sensations