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Table 3 The summary of review authors’ judgments about each risk of bias item for included studies

From: The effect of apple cider vinegar on lipid profiles and glycemic parameters: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials

Study Random sequence generation Allocation concealment Blinding Incomplete outcome data Selective reporting Other bias
Bashiri et al. [4] L U H L L L
Halima et al. [16] L U U U L U
Kondo et al. [23] L U L L L U
Mahmoodi et al. [27] U H U U L U
Panetta et al. [33] L L L L L U
Khezri et al. (2018) [22] L L H L L L
Ebrahimi-Mamaghani et al. [12] L U H L L U
Mohammadpourhodki et al. (2019) [28] L U H L L U
Kausar et al. (2019) [20] L L L L L L
  1. H high risk of bias, L low risk of bias, U unclear or unrevealed risk of bias. Criteria defined for risk of bias assessment are according to the Cochrane guidelines