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Table 4 Perception of pharmacists’ role in relation to CAM among study participants. (n = 832)*

From: The role of pharmacists in complementary and alternative medicine in Lebanon: users’ perspectives

  Strongly agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly disagree
Do you think that the pharmacist should let you know how to use CAM products and warn you for any possible side effects 560(67.3) 219(26.3) 25(3.0) 7(0.8) 21(2.5)
Do you think that pharmacist should answer your CAM related questions 556(67.0) 223(26.9) 23(2.8) 13(1.6) 15(1.8)
Do you trust the pharmacist for the information on the use of CAM products 434(52.2) 297(35.7) 71(8.5) 17(2.0) 12(1.4)
Do you think that pharmacists should advice customerson general health issues other than about CAM products 383(46.3) 283(34.2) 106(12.8) 35(4.2) 20(2.4)
Do you think that pharmacists are more expert in CAM products than other healthcare providers? 172(21.4) 136(17.0) 166(20.7) 143(17.8) 185(23.1)
  1. *Values in this table represent n (%)