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Table 1 Summary of the search terms

From: Complementary and alternative medicine - practice, attitudes, and knowledge among healthcare professionals in New Zealand: an integrative review

THEME 1: CAM terms THEME 2: Outcomes THEME 3: Healthcare professional terms THEME 4: Limiters
Broad descriptor headings Specific headings
alternative medicine/therapy acupuncture attitude* consultant* Aotearoa
CAM aromatherapy belief* dental* Māori
complementary and alternative medicine chiropractic knowledge* dentist* New Zealand
complementary medicine/therapy dietary supplements perception* dietitian*  
integrative medicine/therapy herb* medicine perspective* doctor*  
traditional medicine/therapy homeopathy practice* general practitioner*  
  hypno* recommendation* health* professional*  
  massage use* midwi*  
  meditation value* nurse*  
  naturopathy view* occupational therapist*  
  osteopathy   oral health therapists*  
  reflexology   paramedic*  
  rongoā   pharmacist*  
  spiritual healing   physiotherapist*  
  traditional Chinese medicine   podiatrist*  
  traditional Māori medicine   psychologist*  
  traditional Pacific Island medicine   psychotherapist*  
  vitamins   optometrist*