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Table 1 Excluded studies with reasons

From: Biophysical effects, safety and efficacy of raspberry leaf use in pregnancy: a systematic integrative review

Date, Author Reason excluded
2000, Wilkinson [34] A literature review on many herbs for morning sickness. No evidence presented on mechanism of raspberry leaf.
1999, McFarlin et al. [35] Survey of herb used by midwives for induction. No evidence presented on mechanism of raspberry leaf.
2000, Parsons et al. [26] Article reporting on same retrospective study already in this review.
2002, Vohra [36] Article on an RCT that did not appear to eventuate.
2002, Brown [37] A review of the RCT already in this review
2007, Weeson [38] No evidence presented on mechanism of raspberry leaf.
2008, Venskuton is et al. [39] Evidence on different constituents on raspberry leaf when grown in different geographical locations, not on mechanism.
2009, Lans et al. [12] Use in pets – no evidence of mechanism
2009, Holst et al. [14] A review of the literature
2009, Holst et al. [40] Survey of mothers
2010, Tiran [41] Opinion piece
2012, Hall et al. [42] Review of CIM for induction. No evidence on mechanism
2011, Trillo et al. [43] An article on a proposed RCT in Spain that did not appear to proceed
2016, Weed [44] An opinion piece
2017, Gilmartin [45] Survey of health care professionals
2019, Munoz Balbontin et al. [46] A Systemic review of many herbal products used in pregnancy and postnatal review. Only identified 3 studies on raspberry leaf that had already been incorporated in this review.