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Table 1 Baseline characteristics of patients

From: Ginger extract versus Loratadine in the treatment of allergic rhinitis: a randomized controlled trial

DataGinger extract (n = 40)Loratadine (n = 40)p-value*
Female, number (%)28 (70)30 (75)0.617c
Age; yrs., mean (SD)35.42 (12.73)30.75 (9.72)0.069a
BMI; Kg/m2, mean (SD)21.92 (3.34)21.87 (2.99)0.946 b
Exercise history, number (%)18 (45)25 (62.5)0.116c
Total TNSS score, mean (SD)7.48 (1.96)7.37 (2.32)0.835t
MCA (cm2), mean (SD)
 Right MCA0.32 (0.14)0.31(0.14)0.661a
 Left MCA0.34 (0.16)0.31 (0.18)0.378a
Volumes (cm3) of nasal cavity
 Right Vol3.83 (0.98)3.62 (1.04)0.365a
 Left Vol3.95 (1.11)3.53 (1.16)0.103a
Distance (cm)
 Right Dis2.11 (0.31)2.22 (0.25)0.091a
 Left Dis2.11 (0.28)2.27 (0.43)0.068a
Total RQLQ score, mean (SD)2.98 (0.99)3.12 (1.12)0.546a
Laboratory data, mean (SD)
 Blood pressure
  Systolic (mm. Hg.)117.05 (9.60)115.28 (13.16)0.631 b
  Diastolic (mm. Hg.)75.95 (9.49)72.10 (10.15)0.059 b
 Renal function tests
  BUN (mg/dL)11.81 (3.47)11.50 (3.59)0.698a
  Creatinine (mg/dL)0.74 (0.18)0.74 (0.18)0.956a
 Liver function tests
  AST (U/L)21.13 (6.71)20.85 (8.73)0.875a
  ALT (U/L)28.38 (11.96)27.05 (13.35)0.641a
  ALP (U/L)60.93 (13.68)65.88 (21.93)0.229a
  Eosinophil3.65 (2.52)3.92 (2.45)0.829 b
  Basophil0.51 (0.43)0.40 (0.38)0.308 b
  1. *statistical analysis: a independent two-sample Student’s t-test, b Mann Whitney U Test and cchi-square test