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Table 1 Summary of initial screening of C. droserifolia (CD) organic fractions using the MTT assay

From: Organic extracts from Cleome droserifolia exhibit effective caspase-dependent anticancer activity

Fraction Name MCF-7 Breast Cancer Cells* HeLa Cervical Cancer Cells*
n-Hexane (CDH) X X
Dichloromethane (CDD) 24HR: 125/250 μg/mL
72HR: 50 μg/mL
24HR: 250 μg/mL
72HR: 125/250 μg/mL
Ethyl acetate (CDEA) X X
n-Butanol (CDB) X X
  1. X = Fraction not effective (< 20% cell death) for inhibiting proliferation of either cell line
  2. * = Concentration in microgram/ml (μg/ml) at which > or = 20% inhibition of proliferation was observed