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Table 3 The molecular docking results analysis. (The software of PyMol 2.3.2 was used to generate the protein structure figures)

From: Investigating the multi-target pharmacological mechanism of danhong injection acting on unstable angina by combined network pharmacology and molecular docking

No. Proteins PDB ID Protein structure Test compounds Affinity (kcal/mol)
1 NFKB1 2O61 Caffeic acid −6.1
2 TLR4 4G8A Caffeic acid −6.3
    p-Coumaric acid −5.7
    Ferulic acid −6.0
3 TNF 1TNF Rosmarinic acid −9.3
4 SERPINE1 1A7C Protocatechuic acid −6.1