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Table 7 Combination effect of MEVT and AELN with DMA and ATV

From: Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis, phytochemical screening and antiprotozoal effects of the methanolic Viola tricolor and acetonic Laurus nobilis extracts

ParasiteDrug combinationCI valueDegree of association
B. bovisMEVT + DMA1.200Additive
AELN + DMA5.742Antagonism
MEVT + ATV0.209Synergism
AELN + ATV0.822Synergism
B. bigeminaMEVT + DMA4.991Antagonism
AELN + DMA3.266Antagonism
MEVT + ATV0.273Synergism
AELN + ATV0.776Synergism
B. divergensMEVT + DMA1.072Additive
AELN + DMA8.667Antagonism
MEVT + ATV0.304Synergism
AELN + ATV1.003Additive
B. caballiMEVT + DMA0.989Additive
AELN + DMA0.947Additive
MEVT + ATV0.291Synergism
AELN + ATV0.392Synergism
T. equiMEVT + DMA0.893Additive
AELN + DMA8.965Antagonism
MEVT + ATV0.844Synergism
AELN + ATV0.999Additive
  1. MEVT methanolic extract of V. tricolor, AELN acetonic extract of L. nobilis, DMA diminazene aceturate, ATV atovaquone. CI denotes the combination index value