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Table 1 Pharmacokinetic parameters of berberine in Huanglian and Huanglian-Gancao herb pair treated mice (mean ± SD, n = 6)

From: Pharmacokinetic incompatibility of the Huanglian-Gancao herb pair

SamplesGroupsT1/2 (h)Tmax (h)Cmax (ng/mL)AUC0-t (ng·h/mL)AUC0-∞ (ng·h/mL)MRT0-t (h)
Systemic circulationHL14.92.038.2244.2623.85.9
HL + Gancao3.82.046.8211.8242.43.8
Portal circulationHL2.62.0104.3425.8440.32.9
HL + Gancao4.32.076.5270.4297.73.1
HL + Gancao8.51.02642.815,422.425,088.64.9
  1. AUC, the area under the concentration time curve; Cmax, peak concentration; HL, Huanglian; MRT, mean retention time; T1/2, elimination half-life; Tmax, time to reach peak concentration