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Table 3 Prevalence of 12-month CAM use for mental illness in Singapore by ethnicity

From: The use of complementary and alternative medicine in a multi-ethnic Asian population: results from the 2016 Singapore Mental Health Study

Weighted %95% CIWeighted %95% CIWeighted %95% CIWeighted %95% CIp
Overall, any CAM use5.94.9––––7.30.008
Prayer or other spiritual practices2.01.4––––3.3< 0.001
Exercise or movement therapy1.91.3––––2.40.769
Massage therapy1.61.1––––2.10.786
Relaxation or meditation techniques1.51.0––––2.00.071
Special diets0.30.1––––0.60.528
Any other non-traditional remedy or therapy0.30.1––––0.50.331
Spiritual healing by others0.20.1––––0.50.323
Herbal therapy0.10.03––––0.30.152
High dose mega-vitamins0.10.03––0.30NA0.10.03–0.40.587
Homeopathy0NA0.20.1–––0.1< 0.001
Energy healing0NA0.10.03––.50.040.02–0.1< 0.001