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Table 2 SF-12 scores by 12-month CAM use

From: The use of complementary and alternative medicine in a multi-ethnic Asian population: results from the 2016 Singapore Mental Health Study

 Used CAM in past 12 monthsNo CAM use in past 12 months  
Mean95% CIMean95% CIpCohen’s d
Physical component score (PCS-12)52.851.8–53.853.553.3–53.70.2060.100
 Physical functioning54.153.1–55.154.654.4–54.90.3070.080
 Role-physical53.255.2–54.155.455.2–55.5< 0.0010.342
 Bodily pain52.050.7–53.354.954.6–55.1< 0.0010.370
 General health49.347.8–50.850.850.5–51.10.0510.157
Mental component score (MCS-12)51.350–52.755.955.7–56.1< 0.0010.588
 Vitality54.152.8–55.356.756.4–57< 0.0010.316
 Social functioning51.850.5–53.155.255. - 55.4< 0.0010.470
 Role-emotional50.949.5–52.254.754.6–54.9< 0.0010.530
 Mental health52.150.8–53.456.356.1–56.6< 0.0010.514