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Table 3 Proximal composition, phenolic compounds, and antioxidant capacity of both Opuntia streptacantha and Opuntia ficus-indica cladode powders

From: Opuntia cladode powders inhibit adipogenesis in 3 T3-F442A adipocytes and a high-fat-diet rat model by modifying metabolic parameters and favouring faecal fat excretion

Proximal composition (%) a
Phenolic acidsb65.156.7$
Antioxidant capacityd897.8659.4$
  1. avalues are the mean of triplicates on dry weight basis.
  2. bas μg of gallic acid/g sample;
  3. cas μg of quercetin/g sample;
  4. das μmol of Trolox/g sample.
  5. $ statistically differences between means.