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Table 2 Antioxidant effects of WPNP and FPNP

From: Fermentation of Panax notoginseng root extract polysaccharides attenuates oxidative stress and promotes type I procollagen synthesis in human dermal fibroblast cells

Sample Concentration (mg/ml) DPPH radical scavenging activity (%) Hydroxy free radical scavenging activity (%) Superoxide anion free radical scavenging activity (%)
WPNP 0.5 13.82±0.12ab 33.45±0.47a 56.48±1.16a
1 15.16±0.69ab 68.78±0.93b 63.71±0.70b
2 51.71±0.44c 75.54±0.35cd 66.42±2.49c
2.5 57.27±0.48 79.03±0.62cd 68.39±2.06d
5 76.14±1.20d 96.55±0.06e 76.35±0.65e
FPNP 0.5 17.22±0.34a 31.51±0.81a 68.28±1.54ab
1 40.79±067b 63.64±1.19b 69.54±0.62ab
2 49.24±0.61c 76.92±0.36c 72.21±0.42cd
2.5 57.13±0.16d 90.19±0.10d 72.49±1.53cd
5 62.77±0.71e 95.45±0.34e 75.09±0.27e
  1. Values are presented as mean standard deviation a-e Means in the same column followed by different letters represent significant differences by concentration (p < 0.05)