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Table 2 Antioxidant activity (as % and IC50) of the four promising algal fractions from the crude extract {(0.316 mg/L (Cu) of C.vulgaris compared to BHT and vitamin C as standards against DPPH (%) radical method

From: Evaluation of antioxidant and anticancer activity of crude extract and different fractions of Chlorella vulgaris axenic culture grown under various concentrations of copper ions

Fraction 100% Hexane Hexane:Chloroform
  30 min. 60 min. 30 min. 60 min. 30 min. 60 min. 30 min. 60 min. 30 min. 60 min. 30 min. 60 min.
500 95.1±12.0a 96.1±1.6a 94.0±2.0a 95.1±2.1a 97.2±2.1a 97.1±2.1a 93.7±2.0a 92.±1.9a 96.3±1.5a 97.4±3.0a 93.4±1.1a 94.5±2.8a
250 82±1.34b 80.5±1.8b 83.3±1.9b 82.6±1.9b 86±1.20b 85.7±1.9b 80±1.4b 81.±1.8b 92.7±1.0b 93±2.2b 90.3±1.0b 90.9±2.2b
125 77±1.08c 77.5±1.6c 74.5±1.7c 75.8±1.3c 84.0±81.5b 83.9±1.4c 78.5±2.0c 77.1±1.3c 90.3±0.9c 89.0±2.0c 88.8±0.9c 88.3±1.9c
62.50 60.7±1.11d 61.1±1.7d 63.3±1.6d 64.8±1.3d 79.5±1.02c 80.7±1.9d 71±1.0d 70.9±1.9d 84.4±0.4d 84.9±2d 83.7±1.1d 85.9±1.0d
31.25 59.3±0.9d 60.9±0.9d 56.3±1.1e 55.1±1.1e 74.4±1.2d 75.9±1.4e 60.3±0.9e 61.9±1.2e 72.7±0.5e 73.2±1.9e 68.2±0.7e 69.5±0.9e
15.62 57.5±0.8e 56.9±0.7e 53.5±1.2f 54.0±0.9e 65.8±1.3e 67.09±1.f 59.3±0.7e 60.4±1.1e 70.2±0.8f 69.4±1.2f 64.4±0.5f 63.0±0.9f
IC50 13.58 13.72 14.59 14.46 11.87 11.65 13.18 12.93 11.1 11.2 12.1 12.9
  1. Different small letters on the column for each fraction indicate significant difference (p< 0.05). Error bars represent ±SD of three replicates