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Table 1 Primary antibodies used in this study

From: Acorus tatarinowii Schott extract reduces cerebral edema caused by ischemia–reperfusion injury in rats: involvement in regulation of astrocytic NKCC1/AQP4 and JNK/iNOS-mediated signaling

Species Primary antibody Western blotting Dilution Immunohistochemistry
(Immunofluorescence) Dilution
Mouse GFAP 1:1000 (1:100) CST/#3670
Rabbit NKCC1 1:1000 1:200 (1:100) abcam/ab59791
Rabbit phospho-JNK (p-JNK) 1:1000   CST/#9251
Rabbit JNK 1:1000   CST/#9252
Rabbit iNOS 1:250   abcam/ab15323
Rabbit VEGF-A 1:1000   Proteintech/#19,003–1-AP
Rabbit ZO-1 1:1000 1:200 (1:100) abcam/ab96587
Rabbit ZO-2 1:1000   CST/#2847
Rabbit ZO-3 1:1000   abcam/ab191143
Mouse 3-NT   1:1000 abcam/ab61392
Mouse AQP4   1:100 (1:50) abcam/ab9512
Mouse ICAM-1   1:100 (1:50) abcam/ab171123
Rabbit MMP-9   1:400 abcam/ab137867
Mouse Actin 1:5000   NB/NB600–501
  1. CST Cell Signaling Technology, NB Novus Biologicals