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Table 1 Structure, themes and objectives of the intervention

From: A randomised controlled trial of expressive arts-based intervention for young stroke survivors

Phases Themes Objectives
Phase 1: Empowerment and rapport building Session 1: Greetings and Imagination - Build up relationships and enhance imagination through arts
Session 2: Body-mind connection - Raise awareness on body-mind connection
Session 3: Creativity - Enhance capacity and flexibility for problem-solving through the use of creativity
Phase 2: Resilience strengthening Session 4: Body senses - Facilitate emotional awareness and expression through bodily felt senses
Session 5: Stress in daily life - Release and transform stress in daily life
Session 6: Adversities in life - Allow expression and transformation of feelings in relation to the challenges caused by stroke
Phase 3: Consolidation and hope restoration Session 7: Treasures in life - Identify key resources sustaining them throughout the course of recovery
Session 8: Review and celebration - Review and consolidate the group experience
- Celebration and farewell