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Table 4 Search Strategies

From: Global research trends at the intersection of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and traditional, integrative, and complementary and alternative medicine: a bibliometric analysis

SCOPUS Search Strategy
Executed July 05, 2020
(TITLE((Acai) or (Acupuncture) or (“Aloe Vera”) or (“Alternative Medicine*”) or (“Alternative Therap*”) or (Antioxidants) or (Aromatherapy) or (“Asian Ginseng”) or (Astragalus) or (Ayurved*) or (Bilberry) or (“Bitter Orange”) or (“Black Cohosh”) or (Bromelain) or (Butterbur) or (Cannab*) or (“Cat’s Claw”) or (Chamomile) or (Chasteberry) or (“Chelation Therapy”) or (Chinese Patent Medicine*) or (Chiropract*) or (Chondroitin) or (Cinnamon) or (Cleanse*) or (“Coenzyme Q10”) or (“Colloidal Silver”) or (“Complementary and Alternative Medicine*”) or (“Complementary and Alternative Therap*”) or (“Complementary and Integrat*”) or (“Integrat* and Complementary”) or (“Complementary Medicine*”) or (“Complementary Therap*”) or (CoQ10) or (Cranberry) or (Cupping) or (Dandelion) or (Detox*) or (“Dietary Supplement*”) or (“Dimethyl sulfoxide”) or (Echinacea) or (“Energy Drink*”) or (Ephedra) or (“European Elder”) or (“European Mistletoe”) or (“Evening Primrose*”) or (Fenugreek) or (Feverfew) or (Flaxseed*) or (“Garcinia Cambogia”) or (Garlic) or (Ginger) or (Ginkgo) or (Glucosamine) or (Goldenseal) or (“Grape Seed Extract”) or (“Green Tea”) or (“Guided Imagery”) or (Hawthorn) or (Herb*) or (Homeopath*) or (Hoodia) or (“Horse Chestnut”) or (Hypnosis) or (“Integrat* Medicine*”) or (“Integrat* Therap*”) or (Kava) or (Kratom) or (Lavender) or (Lianhuaqingwen) or (“Lianhua qingwen”) or (“Licorice Root”) or (Magnet*) or (Marijuana) or (Massage) or (Meditation) or (Melatonin) or (Methylsulfonylmethane) or (“Milk Thistle”) or (“Mind-Body Medicine*”) or (“Mind-Body Therap*”) or (Mineral*) or (Natural Compound*) or (Natural Health Product*) or (“Natural Medicine*”) or (“Natural Product*) or (“Natural Therap*) or (Naturopath*) or (Noni) or (“Omega-3 Fatty Acid*”) or (Passionflower) or (“Peppermint Oil”) or (Phyto*) or (Pomegranate) or (Probiotic*) or (“Progressive Relaxation”) or (“Qi Gong”) or (“Red Clover”) or (“Red Yeast Rice”) or (Reflexology) or (Reiki) or (“Relaxation Technique*”) or (Rhodiola) or (“S-Adenosyl-L-methionine”) or (Sage) or (“Saw Palmetto”) or (Soy) or (“Spinal Manipulation*”) or (“St. John’s Wort”) or (“Tai Chi”) or (TCM) or (“Tea Tree Oil”) or (Tea) or (Thunder God Vine) or (“Traditional Medicine*”) or (“Traditional Therap*”) or (“Traditional Chinese Medicine*”) or (Turmeric) or (Valerian) or (Vitamin*) or (Yoga) or (Yohimbe))) AND ((covid-19) OR (covid19) or (coronavirus) or (“Coronavirus Disease 2019″) or (“Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2″) or (“SARS-CoV-2″)) AND (LIMIT-TO (PUBYEAR,2020))
Database: AMED (Allied and Complementary Medicine) < 1985 to June 2020>, Embase < 1974 to 2020 July 02>, APA PsycInfo < 1806 to June Week 52,020>, Ovid MEDLINE (R) and Epub Ahead of Print, In-Process & Other Non-Indexed Citations, Daily and Versions (R) < 1946 to July 02, 2020>
Search Strategy:
1 (Acai or Acupuncture or Aloe Vera or Alternative Medicine* or Alternative Therap* or Antioxidants or Aromatherapy or Asian Ginseng or Astragalus or Ayurved* or Bilberry or Bitter Orange or Black Cohosh or Bromelain or Butterbur or Cannab* or Cat’s Claw or Chamomile or Chasteberry or Chelation Therapy or Chinese Patent Medicine* or Chiropract* or Chondroitin or Cinnamon or Cleanse* or Coenzyme Q10 or Colloidal Silver or (Complementary and Alternative Medicine*) or (Complementary and Alternative Therap*) or (Complementary and Integrat*) or (Integrat* and Complementary) or Complementary Medicine* or Complementary Therap* or CoQ10 or Cranberry or Cupping or Dandelion or Detox* or Dietary Supplement* or Dimethyl sulfoxide or Echinacea or Energy Drink* or Ephedra or European Elder or European Mistletoe or Evening Primrose* or Fenugreek or Feverfew or Flaxseed* or Garcinia Cambogia or Garlic or Ginger or Ginkgo or Glucosamine or Goldenseal or Grape Seed Extract or Green Tea or Guided Imagery or Hawthorn or Herb* or Homeopath* or Hoodia or Horse Chestnut or Hypnosis or Integrat* Medicine* or Integrat* Therap* or Kava or Kratom or Lavender or Lianhuaqingwen or Lianhua qingwen or Licorice Root or Magnet* or Marijuana or Massage or Meditation or Melatonin or Methylsulfonylmethane or Milk Thistle or Mind-Body Medicine* or Mind-Body Therap* or Mineral* or Natural Compound* or Natural Health Product* or Natural Medicine* or Natural Product* or Natural Therap* or Naturopath* or Noni or Omega-3 Fatty Acid* or Passionflower or Peppermint Oil or Phyto* or Pomegranate or Probiotic* or Progressive Relaxation or Qi Gong or Red Clover or Red Yeast Rice or Reflexology or Reiki or Relaxation Technique* or Rhodiola or S-Adenosyl-L-methionine or Sage or Saw Palmetto or Soy or Spinal Manipulation* or “St. John’s Wort” or Tai Chi or TCM or Tea Tree Oil or Tea or Thunder God Vine or (Traditional adj3 (Medicine or Therap*)) or (Traditional Chinese adj3 Medicine*) or Turmeric or Valerian or Vitamin* or Yoga or Yohimbe).ti. (1314477)
2 (Coronavirus or COVID-19 or COVID19 or Coronavirus or “Coronavirus Disease 2019” or “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2” or “SARS-CoV-2”).mp. (87836)
3 1 and 2 (609)
4 remove duplicates from 3 (370)
5 limit 4 to yr = “2020 -Current” (308)