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Table 1 Critical domains of AMSTAR 2

From: The quality of Cochrane systematic reviews of acupuncture: an overview

Item Critical Domains
2 Did the report of the review contain an explicit statement that the review methods were established prior to the conduct of the review and did the report justify any significant deviations from the protocol?
4 Did the review authors use a comprehensive literature search strategy?
7 Did the review authors provide a list of excluded studies and justify the exclusions?
9 Did the review authors use a satisfactory technique for assessing the risk of bias (RoB) in individual studies that were included in the review?
11 If meta-analysis was performed did the review authors use appropriate methods for statistical combination of results?
13 Did the review authors account for RoB in individual studies when interpreting/discussing the results of the review?
15 If they performed quantitative synthesis did the review authors carry out an adequate investigation of publication bias (small study bias) and discuss its likely impact on the results of the review?