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Table 9 Survey responses related to side effects of medicinal plants among the general population surveyed

From: Current uses and knowledge of medicinal plants in the Autonomous Community of Madrid (Spain): a descriptive cross-sectional study

Questions Possible responses n (%)
Do you think that medicinal plants may cause side effects? Yes 227 (46.6)
No 260 (53.4)
Have you had any reaction or side effect when consuming medicinal plants? Yes 17 (3.5)
No 470 (96.5)
If the previous answer is YES: With which medicinal plant or herbal product? / What side effect or reaction?
Chamomile / vomiting
Dandelion / dizziness
Ginseng / nervous, diarrhea and tachycardia
Guarana / tachycardia Sen / diarrhea and tachycardia
St. John’s wort/ interaction similar to the shock
Tea / anxiety, palpitations
Valerian / sleepiness the next day