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Table 3 The expression of pulmonary miRNAs in animals infected with different IAV strains

From: The effects of the Xijiao Dihuang decoction combined with Yinqiao powder on miRNA-mRNA profiles in mice infected with influenza a virus

miRNA A/Aquatic bird/ Korea/ma81/2007 (H5N2) A/Aquatic bird/Korea/w81/2005 (H5N2) A/Fort Monmouth/1/47 (H1N1) A/sw/Denmark/12687/03 (H1N2)
miR-100-5p Up Up Down  
miR-146b-3p Up Up Up  
miR-130a-5p Up Up Up  
miR-151-5p Up Up Down  
miR-147-3p   Up Up  
miR-155-3p Up Up Up  
miR-223-3p Up Up Up Up
miR-223-5p    Up Up
miR-495-3p Up Up Down  
miR-351-5p Up Up Down  
miR-221-5p    Up Up
miR-669a-3p    Down  
miR-200b-3p    Down  
miR-7    Up Up
miR-146a-5p    Up Down
miR-125b-1-3p    Up  
miR-34c-5p    Down  
miR-212-5p    Up  
miR-21    Up